Anna-Marija Helt, PhD: Certified Herbalist, Microbiologist


Anna Marija Helt, PhD is an herbalist with the Natural Fertility Company, through which she has worked one on one with close to 1800 clients in helping them to optimize their reproductive health. She also has a private practice in Colorado, teaches both locally and online, and is a regular columnist for Plant Healer Magazine and Basmati.

Marija is a consummate herb, mushroom and essential oil nerd with a background in cancer and infectious disease research. She prefers weeds, mushrooms and only the most abundant native plants as her botanical allies. Her herbal training was with Pam Fisher of the Ohlone Herbal Center (Berkeley, CA), with Kathi Keville at Green Medicine Herb School (Nevada City, CA) and a number of other herbalists.

Her doctoral research on human papillomavirus and cervical cancer was done at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, through the University of Washington School of Medicine, and her postdoctoral studies on dengue virus molecular virology were carried out in the School of Public Health at the University of California – Berkeley.  Her focus as an herbal practitioner and teacher combines traditional herbal knowledge and the latest scientific research.

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