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  4. In this course, Fertility Acupuncturist Michelle Oravitz will teach you how stimulating various acupressure points activates energy flow throughout the body to boost reproductive wellness and fertility. She also covers essential oil blends that are used therapeutically to activate the acupressure points.
  5. Our minds are incredibly powerful, and hold the key to us manifesting what we want on our fertility journey, or any life journey. You keep hearing that you need to have a positive mindset on your fertility journey but what does that really mean, and how do you do that? This class series breaks it down for you, from the importance of mindset, to how to develop a mindset practice for your journey.
  6. Welcome to the Fit & Fab Pre-Pregnancy Workout with Nicole Brodie. Fit & Fab for Fertility is a series of short low impact workouts using body weight and resistance exercises. Over six weeks you will receive weekly workouts that are performed in 3 supersets. This means that you will perform two different exercises in each superset and complete the number of rounds as per the video and then move to the next superset! On your sixth week, you will get a surprise workout! All you need is a mat, 2 resistance bands – one light and one heavier.
  7. Welcome to the After Miscarriage: Steps to Recovery Course! In this course, you will learn the many supportive steps you can take that will help you cope with the miscarriage you just experienced, or may be currently experiencing. This course includes food, stress management, herbs and other wellness tips. All of these lessons and steps are meant to be done in preparation for conception, prior to pregnancy, and in conjunction with the support of your healthcare provider. This is a self-led course and can be done in any time frame that works for you. Click here to access the class.
  8. I am 28 going on 29. My husband and I have been ttc for 2 years. We had a chemical pregnancy over a year ago. I was diagnosed with hashimotos last year. On 1 grain of thyroid medication. I’m a 31-35 day cycle girl. Recently got my progesterone checked at 3dpo, it was at an 8.6

    Does that mean I ovulated? I retested again at 10dpo and waiting to see if it has doubled. 

    I’m also looking into doing the cycle mapping Dutch test to see how my estrogen/progesterone levels are during my whole cycle. 


  9. Welcome to Meditations to Ground and Center with Lynn Jensen. Meditation Series 2: Meditations to Ground & Center Week 1: Finding our stable, centered seat of meditation Week 2: Practicing audible (Ujjayi) breath Week 3: What does it mean to be Grounded? Week 4: Connecting to the Earth (Yin/Feminine) energy Week 5: Root to Rise, bringing Earth energy up Week 6: Working with the Conception Channel
  10. Welcome to Yoga for Fertility to Ground and Center with Lauren Hanna. In this series, we will explore a number of poses to ground and center our energy for fertility. The fertility journey can be stressful to our bodies. We will learn to create a stable foundation to allow us to be present and move with steadiness during this challenging time. We will practice a series of poses that will focus on rooting into the earth, finding our center, hip opening and forward folding that will help to anchor our bodies in space and support the healthy functioning of the reproductive system.
  11. Learn more about progesterone, herbs and your hormonal health! Our instructors will reveal the body signs and symptoms of low progesterone and estrogen dominance to watch for. Discover research on herbs like Vitex, how Vitex really works and how it compares to progesterone, as well as whether Vitex can really raise your progesterone levels. Click here to access class.
  12. A guide to decoding your infertility and getting pregnant naturally, Coach Kela walks with you through determining your healthy fertility weight and teaches how to address being under or overweight, and so much more! She graciously shares simple action steps you can do today to make sure your diet is optimal for weight management and baby making.
  13. Hi Heather! 

    So glad to have found this community. After 18 months of trying to conceive naturally, I finally did in May. My pregnancy, however was ectopic and I am still recovering from the surgery. I still believe that we can do this naturally, so I am so exited to see what all of the classes and resources here have to offer!

    1. Hethir


      So glad you are here! I am sorry to hear things have been tough along the way. You've got this and we are here cheering you on!

  14. sg

    Hi I am new to the community. I just got married last year. It was a very long journey meeting my now husband. I am 44 years old and always saw myself having a family. I cried for years when I was single. Now that I am married, doctors have told me the worse things a woman who wants to have a family could possibly hear. I am trying to do everything I can including eating healthy, meditating, yoga and trying to learn how to balance myself with this new role of being married, work and dealing with fertility. 

    1. Hethir


      Welcome! Be gentle with yourself and know that you have a support system here cheering you on!

  15. Welcome to the Fit & Fab Home Workout for Fertility with Nicole Brodie, a 6 week home workout series for pregnancy preparation. Fit & Fab Home Workout for Fertility is a series of short low impact workouts using body weight and resistance exercises. Over six weeks, you will receive weekly workouts that are performed in 3 supersets. This means that you will perform two different exercises in each superset and complete the number of rounds as per the video and then move to the next superset! On your sixth week, you will get a surprise workout! All you need is a mat, 2 resistance bands – one light and one heavier and a heavy miniband.
  16. Welcome to Meditation for Fertility with Lauren Hanna. a 6 week course for stress reduction and connection. In this series, Lauren will guide the student in learning the foundational tools for creating a pranayama (yogic breathing) and meditation practice. We will cover finding your seat, the proper alignment and posture for meditation, the pathways of pranayama, connecting to your breath, and basic tools of concentration including breath focus, visualization and mantra. We will practice using pranayama and meditation to move into the parasympathetic (calming) nervous system helping to balance the hormones, and boost fertility. Other benefits include quieting the mind, soothing the emotions, and awakening happiness and joy.
  17. Welcome to Finding Fertile with Yoga for Fertility with Lynn Jensen, a 6 week fertility yoga series for beginners. This is your “Intro to Yoga for Fertility”, bringing in some of the key goals of yoga for fertility, and mentioning some things that may be different from yoga practices you may be used to, such as being a more “yin” practice, and working with where you are in your monthly cycle.
  18. Hi Everyone

  19. Never give up on hope ❤️❤️

  20. hi thank you for allowing me to join this group


  21. Hi

    Any tips on de-stressing and preparing for IVF treatment? Super excited but also petrified, it's a strange emotion and not sure how to deal with it. Any advice very welcome x

  22. until
    In this series Elisabeth shares how to support yourself by “mothering yourself first” and how to remember the sacred and meaningful during your journey, while learning “fertile life energy” tools to intentionally make space for baby. The series begins August 1st, 2019 at 9:00 am MST and continues each Thursday for 3 weeks. Elisabeth Manning is a trained energy intuitive and certified master spirit coach with over 15 years of service to conscious creators worldwide. Author of the Sacred Life of Fertility, Elisabeth’s passion to serve the incoming children led to her “fertilosophie” of seeing fertility as an energy, a teacher, and a way of life, as a means to birthing what wants to be born, whether it is a baby, business or blessed life. “Fertility is about the potential of life itself, so everything is interwoven. Our lives are really an Initiation into upleveling and mothering our sacred selves, first, to successfully birth what wants to be born.” In today’s modern (toxic and stressed) world it benefits us to take the added baby steps to create from that very best place inside you, mama unicorn! Each week a new class will appear under ‘Classes in this event’ on Thursday at 9:00 am MST. If you are not able to attend at that time, come back here any time and you can attend the class on your own schedule.
  23. Hello! New to this community. I am trying for baby #1. I'm 34 and wanting to have a baby soon. Here for any tips, suggestions,advice and help. Thank you

  24. Hello Heathir! Hello ladies! I am looking forward to learn from you! :) I am very excited with this community! :) 

    1. Hethir


      Welcome! So glad you are here!


    2. Newhitne19


      Thank you I’m glad to be here

  25. Welcome Omoye

  26. Molly

    Thyroid and Fertility

    Did you know that thyroid dysfunction is one of the most common reasons for infertility? The thyroid is an endocrine or hormone gland that is responsible for metabolism. If it is out of balance, either hypo or hyper functioning, it can affect the release of other hormones like our sex hormones that drive ovulation and are critical for fertility. In this series, Dr. Emily Poccia teaches you more about the roles of your thyroid, what it looks like if your thyroid is out of balance, and natural ways to support it so you can enhance your fertility. The series begins July 11, 2019 at 9:00 am MST - Thyroid and Fertility
  27. Hello my name is Nervys, I’m 46 turning 47 on October. Trying to improve my egg quality . 

    1. Hethir


      Hi Nervys, welcome to the community! We have an egg health course you may find interesting. You can find it here:  https://naturalfertilityvip.com/courses/egg-health-40-fertility-course/

    2. Nervys


      Thank you !!!!

  28. Hi I wish everything works for you and your husband 

    1. Audrey1776


      Thank you very much!

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