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  2. Please help. I have no idea who is reading this. Lol. I’m just getting started on this site and have no clue what I’m doing. Is there a natural fertility vip app that I should have? I’m so ready to get jamming on this site but I think my blond roots are starting to interfere. Lol. 

  3. In this series of 5 videos (plus a bonus track), Elisabeth will address how to become fertile with intention, amplifying feelings of personal power and purpose on the journey to baby. Elisabeth teaches us, "...we may not have control over the 'when' but we DO have power over our 'why' and 'how' and 'what' along the way - keeping the mind busy working for you rather than against you." Working with intention is working at the level of energy and spirit, which sparks more power from within than if we were to approach fertility from just the body perspective. You have much more power than you think! This series will continue on <strong>Wednesdays at 10 am MST</strong> for 6 weeks. If you can't make a posted class time, all classes will be recorded and archived for easy access and playback.
  4. Hello, 


    My name is Velina and I live in Toronto, Canada 

    1. Hethir


      Hi Velina, 
      Welcome to the community!

  5. Hello and welcome to the community! I live in Colorado as well :)

  6. I desire egg white cervical mucus I deserve it and I am working  on it love my body I am healing my body loves me 

  7. Today i detected  estrogen rise OPK clearblue I am happy about  that since last time I ovlated only my LH surge was detected. This  is the second time I do the OPK test.  


    I am having challenges with my CM  I am looking fwd to seen egg white CM . I have made big changes for a month and a half now, using EPO soft gels and fertility diet no caffeine no sugar. I am happy that i went  from prediabetic to just the normal range 4.5 -5.6%  HGBA1C  I am at 5.6 and was at 5.9,   hard work and i am still working on it to at least bring to  5%. Grateful. I have  faith that i will see EGG WHITE CM soon .  with my willingness, supplements and fertility diet. 

    I have notice less itching this past Cycle 

    1. Abril81


      enzymes choice, Fertile women, Maca powder,  EPO , COD liver oil , Castor oil packs, and fertility massages, probiotic  Mega flora  for woman,  water and apple cider vinegar (down there) I plan on taking Candida to fight  bad yeast. 

      I itch way less today 

  8. I was expecting the last lesson in this series to be this Thursday, but now I can't find it anywhere. Could you please let me know when the last lesson will take place?
  9. Hi there! I keep missing the live Q&A every Thursday. My email says one time but it says a different time here. I’d love to be able to watch it live and ask questions. Thank you😊
  10. I am excited to learn more about fertility as I am on my own journey. I am from MN and I enjoy the outdoors. I am a health & wellness coach and aspiring to be a natural practitioner. I have lost two pregnancies and am building my body back up. I have been working with a wonderful natural practitioner but just wanted to dive into learning more myself. 

    Thanks for this program! 

  11. Enjoying everyday life

  12. Hello Everyone!

    I am glad to join this group. I am 46 years old and my life developed in such a way that i've never had a partner and have never tried to get pregnant (apart from a quick pregnancy followed by abortion at the age of 20).

    This year I realised that if I will not do everything for at least to try to have a baby even by myself, I will not experience the motherhood in my life.  Always wanted kids, always loved them as well as kids love me.

    Now on this journey to prepare myself for an attempt. I would like to try naturally first. 


    Wish you all luck and health!


  13. I am  super excited  to share news with you,   since i am preparing  for conception, I decided to start testing my ovulation day.  I started testing  on my 10th  cycle day and  today on the 12th cycle day I tested peak fertility. 🙂 My egg is going to be releases from the follicle with in 24-48 hours. Happy Face 😍 Happy dance,!!!  this is the first time i do this ever in my whole entire child bearing years. I am so grateful i ovulate. It was scary and exciting to test.  Good start. I am also charting my BBT (GRAPH) to check my Luteal phase temperature pattern. 

  14. Hi Hethir, 

    I joined this group about 3 month ago, started off with the fertility cleans, and now am following a complete organic Pasteur raised grass fed diet, all  natural personal care products, natural house cleaning and gardening products, weekly accupuncture, Chinese herbs and tons of supplements. My husband just started his make fertility cleans and we are both doing yoga, meditation, and some resistance training. I’m 37, had 2 miscarriages, high FSH, low AMH and hope that this path will help me grow strong and healthy eggs to become a natural mama soon. 

    thanks for providing all these resources and helping us all along the way



    1. GazelleS


      Also I wanted to add that after my fertility cleans for the first time in my life I had two periods that were complete PMS free, with lots of bright red bleeding (usually I suffer from horrible cramps, back pain, and scant brown short periods). But now (3 month after the cleans) I have cramps again, and minimal red blood output. My acupuncturist said that the herbs of the cleans were very blood building and helped perfusion of the pelvis. She has prescribed me Chinese herbs that I take twice daily and said she will include some of those herbs to help my period improve again like it was after the cleans. Do you have any other suggestions that could help me? I am doing fertility massage with castor oil as well. 

    2. Hethir


      Hi Gazelle, Sorry for my late response, our family was on vacation. Glad you are here! As for additional herbs to take.... I would stick to one protocol at a time. It takes time for herbs to work so trying the formula your herbalist gave you and adding additional items to it could cause some issues. How is your diet? How long have you been on the Chinese herbs.?

  15. I am preparing for the beginning of something beautiful  👨‍👨‍👧

  16. Happy to say that today marks one week  of  no Caffeine the daily coffee, sucrose and dairy gone for good  ONE WEEK IN 😓🤩  so far!  yayyy !!  thank God I am doing this. 

  17. Hi just joined! Excited to learn about fertility cleansing and eating as I prepare to try for my last baby in the spring!  I just lost a baby last week with miscarriage and so I'd like to do all I can to ensure healthy fertility and pregnancy.

  18. Hello @MamaMeg!  I just started following you and am excited to have you as a resource on my own journey through infertility (4 years) and possible endometriosis (not officially diagnosed yet)!  I've read some of your posts/comments so far and have found them to be very encouraging and informative/helpful!  Thank you for sharing your journey and experiences with everyone!  Also, I read your profile introduction of yourself and I love that you and your husband purchase something for your baby anytime you receive bad news or results! 🖤 💕 🥰  So sweet and what an encouraging and tangible way to look forward to your baby! 🖤 🥰

    1. MamaMeg


      That's so sweet of you to take the time to write this message! Thank you so much for your encouragement.

      I'll be praying for your miracle baby, remember - literally ANYTHING is possible for the one who believes! 

    2. alaskapilot.evie


      Thank you so much for your prayers!!  I definitely appreciate your encouragement! 🖤 I do believe that God has each of our infertility journeys in His hands.  In His timing, I'm believing in a miracle baby for each of us! 🖤

  19. In this series, Lauren will guide the students in a continuing study of the foundational tools for creating a pranayama (yogic breathing) and meditation practice. In addition, you will deepen our exploration of pranayama and introduce new concentration techniques that will specifically focus on stress reduction for fertility. You will practice using pranayama and meditation techniques to learn to be in the present moment, quiet and calm the mind, and move into the parasympathetic (calming) nervous system in order to ease stress and awaken fertility.
  20. Welcome to Yoga for Fertility for Stress Reduction with Lynn Jensen. The series begins Nov 5 , 2019 at 9:00 am MST and continues each Tuesday for 6 weeks.
  21. Good Morning, I am a new member and am hopefully to be able to join others as myself on this journey to conceive through Natural remedies.

    1. rodavishudson


      Also, I would like to get started but don't know how to get started, what should I be taking or doing to get started. I do know that both of my tubes are blocked and read on the Natural Fertility Website that there's an enzyme that could possibly clear the Fallopian Tubes naturally.

      And now that I'm 51 yrs old, I want to say that I probably would need something to help build my eggs and definitely get them healthy.

      I would hope to be able to conceive by May 2020.



    2. Hethir


      Hi there, Sorry for my late response, our family was on vacation. There are so many questions to start from. Have you seen a reproductive endocrinologist? Do you have a regular period? Are you ovulating? Have you watched the Blocked Fallopian Tubes course?

      At 51 you may need to look at many different options to still get pregnant, menopause is generally occurring by now so it may be good to get some hormone testing done to see where your body is at and what your options are. 

  23. @Racheyrum Once each class of the event is published you can access it 24/7 and watch it at any time. It has 4 'repeats' listed because it is a 4 class series.
  24. Hello! I'm new here in this group. Me and my partner started TTC 4 months ago, natural ofc. But then after two months I started to feel strange pain one week before my periods. In first month I thought it might be the pregnancy. But then when the period came I started to worry. Now last time before my periods I also felt the same light pain week before. And I went to the doctor and they suspect endometriosis. Next Thursday I'm going to have laparoscopy and then I get my answers.

    I found your amazing page right after the doctors appointment as I was so worried that it might be endometriosis and I can't get pregnant because of that. But I read many of your members success stories and this gave me the hope that I needed.

    I think that Your page is the right place to find some answers and tips to become a mother. :) 

    1. Hethir


      Welcome! I am so glad you are here. Please update us after your appointment!

    2. Riiniu


      Hello! I'm now awake from my surgery and I was absolutely fine. My tubes were perfect and everything normal. So the pain comes from my hormones and is my specific thing. Maybe I worry too much.

      But I'm super happy to be healthy and I have nothing to worry about. I start with vitex and rasberry leaf tee. And continiue my life.

      I have question about different plant based and fertility boosting supplements. There are so many...how I should know what to take? Or should I test and find perfect one for me. Because in video where one of Your specialist talked there were named ~20 different supplements...and I should't take these all?!

      Thank You ahead!


    3. Hethir


      Hi Pille, Sorry for my late response, our family was on vacation. It is going to depend on what is going on for you. What your top concerns are, what your diet is like, what your period is like and if you are ovulating or not. The easiest thing is to book a consultation so one of our herablists can look over your entire health history, menstrual signs and diet and put together a custom plan for you. They are discounted for Empower Members...


  25. Hi there, I’m in Australia so events are at 2am... is there a way of watching a recording at a more suitable time? I tried downloading the event but it just said that it repeats at the same time each Thursday? Thank you 🙂
  26. Hi! New here in the group. My pregnancy journey seems like it has lasted a lifetime. I did not start trying for a child until I was about 28 because I thought I had all the time in the world. Here I am 38 and still trying. I have a few health issues(PCOS) that may be causing my issues. I've had multiple surgeries trying to figure everything out. I have my first appointment with an RE next week, and hoping it all goes well. I would like to take a more natural approach to getting pregnant so that's how I ended up here. Excited to see what is in store!!!

    1. Hethir


      Welcome T! I am glad you are here. Let us know how the appointment goes!

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