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    Hi! I'm Sarah. I live in Santa Monica, CA and I'm 2.5 years into this fertility journey. I turned 40 last year. I am on my second marriage (no kids from the first one) and as soon as we married in 2016, we started trying. I had frozen some eggs when I was 37 and single, because I knew I wanted to be a mom. After six months of trying we went to an RE. Initially, my husbands sperm quality was not great (we did a DFI). However, taking anti-oxidants and weekly acupuncture and Chinese herbs has significantly improved that. However, after 3 IUIs and 2 IVF cycles, we discovered I have endometriosis and also I seem to be poor responder now that I am older. I had a surgery by one of the top endo doctors last year, but I still have inflammation and pain. I've also had polyps removed and done an endometrial function test which confirms the inflammation and endometritis. I've done weekly acupuncture since we started trying and take Chinese herbs and a ton of supplements (CoQ10, fish oil, pre-natals, tumeric, wobenzyme N). We've just done a third round of IVF and also at the same time thawed the frozen eggs. We had 4 blastocysts! And are now waiting for PGS results. Wish us luck! Hoping we get a normal. At which point my focus will be entirely on bringing down inflammation and getting ready for a transfer (I'm going to be doing depot lupron in prep...) . I'm loving this community and all the information. Hethir's smoothie challenge got me hooked on nutritious fertility smoothies! I've just started meditating regularly and want to incorporate fertility yoga.

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