Sarah Holland- EFT – Stress Reduction & Emotional Healing


Sarah Holland
EFT Instructor

Sarah Holland’s approach to fertility support is unique, effective and empowering. As a Fertility EFT Coach and the founder of Fertile Mindset, she pioneered using the cutting edge technique of EFT specifically for fertility support. She has helped thousands of people negotiate the emotional rollercoaster of fertility issues and feels it is possible for anyone to transform their fertility journey into a much more positive experience. Sarah believes that, for many, healing the emotional aspects are key to resolving their fertility issues, conceiving their baby and creating a family.
Sarah’s clients frequently tell her that the results they achieve with her support and Fertility EFT “feel like magic!”.
Sarah has worked with and been fascinated by fertility since 2001, and has appeared on BBC News and Channel 5 talking about fertility topics. She has spoken on stage at the Fertility Show and My Future Family Show in London, the American Fertility Expo in California, and Fertilitetsmessen in Copenhagen, as well as at numerous online fertility events and podcasts. She is a regular writer for Fertility Road magazine, is a proud member of the AlphaZita holistic fertility care team, offering high end fertility support on retreat at the luxury Sani resort in Greece.
Based in the UK, Sarah’s support is available worldwide via zoom and phone consultations, and within her special membership support group, the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary. Having experienced her own fertility challenges Sarah is now a mum to two amazing boys through both birth and adoption.

You can access Sarah’s Classes at her EFT for Your Fertility Journey Page.
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